The first DRM solution approved by an anti-DRM gamers group

ByteShield received the results from the PRISM/RYG testing of ByteShield. PRISM, a gamers group for sensible DRM solutions, has thoroughly tested ByteShield and found it to be “safe, transparent and non-invasive”. Both the test and results are industry firsts. In fact, the evaluation by PRISM validates ByteShield as a far superior DRM solution, no doubt because it was created by gamers.

The PRISM: “Several members of the PRISM forum were able to test the ByteShield DRM thoroughly. It was invisible when playing the game, and left only a few easy to delete registry entries when the game was uninstalled. The overall opinion of those able to test ByteShield was very positive. They were pleased with how unintrusive ByteShield was. The reviewers were also very pleased at how ByteShield listened to their concerns and included some features they asked for. The members who reviewed ByteShield would have no problem recommending it to other gamers.”

ByteShield is very proud to have received this recognition, in particular given that PRISM, like many other groups, was established as a result of the many failures of DRM products last year. Jan Samzelius said: “As far as we can tell, it is the first time that a DRM vendor has engaged with one of the many anti-DRM groups and surely the first when a DRM solution has gotten such a positive evaluation”.

As the statement says, our product already meets most of PRISM’s criteria including:

  • Disclosure
  • Transparency
  • Connectivity
  • Easy activation
  • Compatibility
  • Non-Invasiveness
  • Privacy/security
  • Sunsetting of DRM.

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