Codezero Microkernel 0.1 has been released

Codezero is a new L4 microkernel that has been written from scratch. It is a modern microkernel implementation that provides capabilities for virtualization and implementation of native OS services.

Codezero can act as a virtualization platform, a hardware abstraction layer, and as a basis for developing operating system services. Codezero’s primary focus is on embedded systems.

Available on the Current Release 0.1

1) Codezero Microkernel and userspace libraries

  • Codezero Microkernel
  • libL4: L4 generic userspace library.

2) Codezero POSIX Services

  • mm0: Default POSIX pager for Codezero
  • fs0: Virtual filesystem service
  • test0: Test executable for testing POSIX and Codezero system call interface
  • libposix: POSIX glue userspace library.

Codezero Microkernel 0.1 is available for download here.

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