New steganographic tool: Virtual Steganographic Laboratory

Virtual Steganographic Laboratory (VSL) is a simple, easy to use software for steganography, steganalysis and watermarking. It gives scientists and students a tool for conducting wide range of experiments involving different types of message embedding, diverse attacks (employing image processing algorithms) and steganalysis with the use of popular methods.

Due to its use of generics (and few other features) it requires at least Java 1.5 (5.0).

Primary interface of the VSL is a graphical block diagramming tool and a customizable set of block modules. VSL uses dynamic invocation, so any new module can be created, added and used along without recompilation of the application.

Modules present in the initial release:

  • vsl-module-distortion-cropping
  • vsl-module-distortion-gamma
  • vsl-module-distortion-gaussian-blur
  • vsl-module-distortion-gaussian-noise
  • vsl-module-distortion-jpeg
  • vsl-module-distortion-median
  • vsl-module-distortion-resize
  • vsl-module-distortion-salt-pepper-noise
  • vsl-module-distortion-sharpen
  • vsl-module-steganalysis-bsm
  • vsl-module-steganalysis-lsb
  • vsl-module-steganography-klt
  • vsl-module-steganography-lsb.

You can get the tool here.

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