FinallySecure releases Secure SignOn 7.0

FinallySecure uveiled version 7.0 of Secure SignOn, which comes with enhanced support for Web, Windows, Java and Terminal applications as well as a brand new learning wizard for user convenience and ease of administration.

Combining a username with a password (single-factor authentication) is still the most common method of user authentication for businesses. Although it is no longer suitable to withstand the sophisticated attacks from external hackers nor to fulfill the stringent security requirements for sensitive company data — many businesses are reluctant to give up this seemingly simple authentication method in favor of a more powerful and efficient one.

With Secure SignOn instead of having to memorize numerous passwords, users now only need to remember one. The employees are relieved and can focus on their personal workload instead. Help desk staff and IT administrators are also relieved, as the number of password-related queries and issues are significantly reduced.

Secure SignOn 7.0 is equipped with features such as:

  • Single Sign-On to Web- and Windows Applications
  • Broad support of Smart Cards, USB tokens and Biometric Devices
  • Single Sign-On for Web and Desktop based Java Applications
  • The Single Sign-On Wizard that automatically detects Login dialogs
  • The ability to automatically handle password renewal requests based on pre-defined password policies
  • Taking full advantages of Secure SignOn 7.0, users as well as administrators can enjoy a secure IT environment with high flexibility, convenience and easy administration and installation.

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