Centrify secures access and privileges on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z

Centrify announced the Centrify Suite 2008 for Linux on IBM System z, the first Linux supported as a guest OS is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z. With Centrify Suite, enterprises can secure the hundreds to thousands of Linux servers that a single mainframe can host by leveraging their existing Active Directory infrastructure and user accounts.

The Centrify Suite also allows IT administrators to integrate all other Linux, UNIX and Mac systems in an enterprise within Active Directory to provide centralized identity management, access control, privilege management and auditing of all non-Windows platforms.

Centrify Suite has successfully passed the IBM validation program, earning the IBM brand “Ready for Systems with Linux” for System z servers. The Centrify offering is also certified for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z, the most popular guest operating system for Linux on System z.

The Centrify Suite is an integrated family of Active Directory-based auditing, access control and identity management solutions that secure cross-platform environments and strengthen regulatory compliance initiatives. Centrify DirectControl secures non-Microsoft platforms using the same authentication and Group Policy services deployed for the Windows environment. Centrify DirectAuthorize centrally manages and enforces role-based entitlements for fine-grained control of user access and privileges on UNIX and Linux systems. Centrify DirectAudit delivers auditing, logging and real-time monitoring of user activity on non-Microsoft systems.

The Centrify Suite 2008, Standard Edition (composed of DirectControl and DirectAuthorize) is available and currently supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z9 and System z10. The Centrify Suite 2008 for System z9 and System z10 is licensed on a per guest OS server basis, starting at $1000 per server.

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