GFI launches “Talk Tech To Me” blog

Talk Tech To Me is the new GFI Software blog whose aim is to serve as a resource for IT professional and network administrators, looking for tips, news and informative articles.

Talk Tech To Me is made up of the following blogs:

  • CEO Central will include observations and insights from Walter Scott, CEO of GFI.
  • SMB Zone includes updates on current tech issues, research and articles, specifically for SMBs.
  • GFI Fixes It provides insights from our customer support team on GFI products.
  • GFI World will give the latest GFI announcements, news and updates.

“Talk Tech To Me will not simply be GFI-focused, however: our goal extends well beyond that! Our Tech Zone is aimed to be a source of technical information for IT professionals and network administrators the world over: another way in which our WE CARE initiative is rendered tangible as we offer a helping hand on technical and security trends, issues, tips and news” said Walter Scott, CEO of GFI Software.

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