New relationship management system for combating spam

Network Box has released eMail Relationship Manager, a new relationship management system that significantly improves the performance of Internet spam filters.

The new system changes the way spam is currently classified, detected and treated.¬-  It considers not just the sender, recipient and IP address relationship, as traditional technology does, it also analyzes and learns from the email behavior of both the sender and the recipient to better understand which emails are welcome and which are unsolicited spam. ¬- 

The eMail Relationship Manager works by maintaining a central database that stores relationships related to existing email accounts that Network Box manages for the email recipient. All relationships are defined using sender + recipient + type analysis and are given a score based on the trust and strength of the relationship. If an email relationship’s score is low, a number of options are open to the system – depending on its configuration – including quarantining the email and notifying the recipient, deferring the email, or challenging the sender to confirm his or her identity.

Before releasing eMail Relationship Manager, Network Box conducted beta tests that showed the new system eliminated spam almost entirely – 99.5 percent instead of the 95- to 98-percent effectiveness of most existing anti-spam systems. The company sampled 10,000 spam emails, which revealed that traditional systems let through about 200 of these and that eMail Relationship Manager would catch at least 150 of those 200.

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