New version of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

The new version of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager has operational role management capabilities that help organizations manage user access as part of their business and risk management strategies.

The role management capability, combined with entitlement management, identity management, separation of duties and access certification gives organizations visibility and control over data and the people who have access to it.

IBM’s policy-based approach in identity and access management governance to manage people, applications and data ensures that access is governed and enforced in a closed loop manner. Tivoli Identity Manager delivers important functionality for identity and access management governance, including automated features and reporting to help organizations be prepared for auditing.

IBM’s holistic approach to identity and access management includes:

  • Role management – simplifies user administration through the use of an enterprise role structure that governs user access to resources
  • Entitlement management – simplifies access control by administering and enforcing fine-grained authorizations
  • Privileged identity management – monitors and reports on user activity of privileged security administrators and users with elevated privileges
  • Separation of duties – preventative and detective analysis of role and permission conflicts
  • Access certification – provides ongoing review and validation of user access.

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