McCann’s new Technical Surveillance Countermeasures team

Corporate investigations firm McCann Global announced the addition of an additional Electronic Countermeasures team to the company.

McCann Global utilizes the latest in technology, including the OSCOR 5000, the premier debugging unit that is used by the nation’s leading Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) firms and government agencies. McCann Global performs technical countermeasure surveys for clients on a national and international basis. The TSCM teams can travel to meet its corporate clients’ demands.

TSCM sweeps can conserve time and are often combined with posting security staff at the secured site so that the site can remain secured after the sweep. With industrial espionage on the rise and the increased use of IP phones the need for “secure communications” has never been greater. McCann Global can provide the latest in debugging and provide your company with a clean space to conduct confidential meetings and discussions.

Jack McCann, CEO of McCann Global, commented:

We have been very active in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures since the 1980’s and the need for this service continues to grow. The addition of the Texas-based team allow us to perform more bug sweeps and react quicker to our clients’ needs.

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