New FW-1060 and IPS-1060 appliances from StoneGate

Stonesoft introduced its new StoneGate FW-1060 and StoneGate IPS-1060 appliances for efficient, proactive network defense. Typically, attacks target employee browsers inside the company network, trying to use them as stepping stones to breach the organization’s internal servers and information. The new StoneGate appliances prevent these types of attacks by cost-efficiently separating workstations and servers into different network segments. Additionally, these appliances are among the first firewall/VPN and IPS solutions to feature SSL inspection for both client and server protection.

The newest StoneGate appliances allow organizations to create and protect network segments – either by separating them at the network level, which requires changes in IP-addressing and routing, or at the data link level, which is more transparent to users. The StoneGate Firewall FW-1060 separates networks at the network level and the StoneGate Intrusion Prevention System IPS-1060 provides transparent protection that does not require any changes to the existing network topology.

The StoneGate FW-1060 FW/VPN appliance is designed for environments ranging from hundreds to thousands of users. With the capacity of up to 2 Gbps, the FW-1060 appliance meets the security needs of medium traffic main sites or branch offices. With eight interfaces, it also enables efficient network segmentation.
Built in with the StoneGate FW-1060 are many of Stonesoft’s next generation IPS features, such as context sensitive fingerprinting, protocol validation and Denial of Service protection. In addition, the FW-1060 includes Stonesoft’s patented Multi-Link technology which provides seamless network failover in the event of Internet outages, firewall clustering and server load balancing. These technologies can eliminate the need for expensive private connections, like MPLS and load balancers.

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