New Seagate FreeAgent for Mac storage solutions

Delivering on the specialized requirements of the Mac community, Seagate introduced a line-up of mobile and desktop FreeAgent for Mac storage solutions and accessories: the FreeAgent Go for Mac USB, FreeAgent Go Pro for Mac and the 2TB FreeAgent Desk for Mac.

Providing a complete storage toolkit for today’s professionals, these enhanced FreeAgent for Mac external hard drives each include performance and capacity improvements to help store, record, protect and share data.

Along with the new FreeAgent for Mac product offerings, Seagate also unveiled a new docking accessory for the FreeAgent Go portable storage solution. The new FreeAgent Go Dock+ connects directly to your Mac OS X or Windows computer, allowing access to all the content stored on a FreeAgent Go or FreeAgent Go for Mac USB external hard drives without having to fumble for cables or find an available USB port each time the drive is connected. When docked, the FreeAgent Go drive is held upright to optimize desk space while editing, syncing or backing-up files.

This new dock also provides the benefit of a powered USB hub with three additional USB ports to connect digital cameras and other USB peripherals to one’s system.

All Seagate FreeAgent for Mac solutions come formatted as HSF+ for Mac OS X and are Time Machine ready.

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