Virtualization can play major role in disaster recovery

A large majority of IT executives say virtualization technologies can play a major role in a disaster recovery plan – but these technologies are not a complete solution, according to the results of the State of Disaster Recovery survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

While many IT decision-makers say they have deployed virtualization, survey data show most had not yet utilized the technology in a disaster recovery situation.

In the survey 74 percent of IT respondents indicate virtualization can play a major role but is not a total solution for disaster recovery plans. One-quarter of IT respondents say they would never include virtualization technologies in their disaster recovery plans.

Sixty percent of IT respondents say they have virtualization in place now as a recovery tool from unplanned outages – but only 29 percent have used it successfully with eight percent saying they used virtualization but unsuccessfully. Another 29 percent of IT decision-makers say they have deployed virtualization but not yet used it as a tool for disaster recovery.

Over the next two years, half of IT decision-makers indicate their companies will be looking into virtualization as an option for managing unplanned outages and disaster recovery. About a quarter of IT executives say they will be looking into cloud computing and grid networking as potential options.

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