Scare tactics malware

Red Condor recently detected and blocked a new email virus campaign designed to scare email users with bogus legal action for activities, including illegal music downloads. The virus campaign detected at 8:29 a.m. EDT on Monday, June 22, 2009, calls attention to users’ supposed recent activity at sites commonly used to share and download copyrighted movies, music and software. These sites include Btjunkie, SumoTorrent, isoHunt, and Mininova.
The email content threatens recipients with legal action stating, “We have a report about the copyrighted movies, music, softwares you downloaded or searched on these webpages. We strongly advise you to stop any future activities regarding the downloading of illegal content or you can expect prosecution by 17 U.S.C.,” etc.
Cyber criminals are likely been capitalizing on a recent legal judgment in Minnesota that imposed the largest fine in illegal music download history, requiring Jammie Thomas-Rasset to pay $1.9 Million to the record companies. Within the email is a link to a “log report” that is actually a virus executable.

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