June 2009 malware and spam geographical and vertical trends

June 2009 MessageLabs Intelligence Report highlights the following trends:

Geographical Trends:

  • Spam levels in France rose by 8.6 percent in June positioning it as the most spammed country.
  • Spam levels in the U.S. declined to 78.4 percent and 72.2 percent in Canada but rose to 90.3 percent in the UK.
  • In Germany, the spam rate reached 96 percent and 93.9 percent in the Netherlands. Spam levels in Australia decreased to 88.8 percent and 67.1 percent in Japan.
  • Virus activity in Australia rose by 1.29 percent to 1 in 68.8 emails, placing it at the top of the table in June.
  • Virus levels for the U.S. were 1 in 371.7, 1 in 423.7 for Canada. In Germany, virus levels were 1 in 444.0 and 1 in 644.5 for the Netherlands. In Hong Kong virus activity reached 1 in 354.7 and in Japan 1 in 235.7.

Vertical Trends:

  • In June, the most spammed industry sector with a spam rate of 92.3 percent was the Accommodation and Catering sector.
  • Spam levels reached 90.3 percent for the Education sector, and 88.6 percent for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector; 90.2 percent for Retail, 90.8 percent for Public Sector and 87.5 percent for Finance.
  • Virus activity in the Education sector declined by 0.10 percent, but retained its place at the top of the table with 1 in 126.7 emails being infected.
  • Virus levels for the IT Services sector were 1 in 358.0, 1 in 493.6 for Retail and 1 in 259.1 for Finance.

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