New filtering features in ContentProtect Pro 3.0

ContentWatch announced an updated version of ContentProtect Professional 3.0 (CP Pro). The latest version of the business-class software includes updates for SSL filtering, 64-bit application blocking, aggregated email notification and white list mode.

CP Pro also added safe search integration with the new Microsoft search engine, Bing, and safe search features for YouTube. Both features allow users to do searches without potentially encountering inappropriate content.

New major features for ContentProtect Pro 3.0:

Full SSL Filtering:

CP Pro allows you to fully filter all web traffic on your network, including encrypted sites that tech savvy surfers can use to get around other filters.

White List Mode:

Providing complete administrative control, this feature allows you to create a list of acceptable websites and block the rest. Users can still request exceptions or additions to the white list, but ultimate control resides with the administrator.

Aggregated and Enhanced Email Notifications:

Notifications when users are blocked from visiting inappropriate websites are sent by email to the administrator based on his or her own parameters. CP Pro aggregates emails so that administrators get alerted at intervals and in batches.

64-Bit Application Blocking:

Using 64-bit applications, users can get around other filters, but CP Pro allows the administrator to block those applications and maintain control of the network.

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