Webroot upgrades its Web and Email Security SaaS solutions

Webroot announced new releases of Webroot Web Security SaaS and Webroot Email Security SaaS with essential enhancements including web browsing quotas to enforce Internet use policies and a new Webroot Email Encryption Service to secure sensitive email communications.

The new release of Webroot Web Security SaaS includes quota support which allows organizations to set, monitor and enforce granular Internet use policies for bandwidth, time spent surfing and number of Web sites visited. Quotas can be controlled independently and provide options to block or warn the user, email the administrator, or simply log the event. By using quotas, organizations can further manage and control employee web activity and easily identify policy violations with new reporting and detailed forensic data.

The new features of Webroot Web Security SaaS include:

  • Quota Support for Policies: Monitor and enforce company Internet use policies for time spent online, bandwidth used, and number of sites accessed.
  • Extended Log Duration: Extended access to detailed forensic data on Internet use across the organization.
  • Improved Security: Heuristics based detection of malicious JavaScript and Shell code provides zero-hour protection against these growing threats.
  • Search Engine Safe Search: Enforces “safe search” settings within major search engines to prevent inappropriate images from appearing in image search results.
  • Updated Desktop Web Proxy: Improved support for mobile users; added ability to receive automatic updates and support for Citrix and Terminal Services environments.

Webroot Email Security SaaS now includes several end-user and administrator usability enhancements as well as a new policy-based email encryption service. The new Webroot Email Encryption Service helps businesses meet legal, compliance and regulatory standards by automatically encrypting email messages based on company email policy. This policy based encryption service expands data loss prevention capabilities and improves the secure handling of confidential company data.

The new features of Webroot Email Security SaaS include:

  • Webroot Email Encryption Service: Set policies to automatically encrypt email communications to help meet legal, compliance and regulatory requirements and to protect sensitive data.
  • Customizable Email Digest Reports: Improved branding and control over content of daily email summary reports provides end-users with the ability to more effectively manage their inbox.
  • Usability Enhancements: Management portal enhancements make it even easier for customers to deploy, configure and manage their services.

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