Bunkermail: Secure, encrypted file transfer

GlobalCrypto released Bunkermail for highly-secure file transfer. A web-based email service, this no overhead encryption solution makes adoption easy for both IT and capital budgeting. It is available for $10 per month.

“Our clients requested an ultra-secure encryption-based file transfer system that is inexpensive, has low IT overhead and is easy to use,” said Todd Merrill, GlobalCrypto’s Founder and CEO. “Traditional file transfer systems do not offer the level of security needed for the increasing confidential data traversing the Web. Bunkermail makes cryptographic, Web-based solutions highly secure, affordable and easy to use. If you can send a web-based email, you can use Bunkermail.”

Bunkermail uses GlobalCrypto’s RealMe software which embeds a cryptographic key pair in a digital image and uses those keys to exchange confidential and unique information between users. This process, known as steganography, enables PKI-level security without tokens, cards or any type of hardware. Its strong bi-directional authentication provides additional protection beyond encryption for data-at-rest and for data-in-motion.

Bunkermail looks much like other web-based email systems. The difference is that users identify a graphic or photo that is used to hold their unique cryptographic identity. Messages are encrypted when initially sent, and are safely stored in GlobalCrypto’s world class data center until the user retrieves it. The sender automatically is notified when the message is picked up via a “return receipt.”

GlobalCrypto will initially target the medical records and payment card industries for ad-hoc communication. However, anyone with sensitive files that require security will find this a useful tool, as the cost of entry is low.

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