Users voice key factors of virus protection

In an online survey conducted during May 2009, 9325 surfers told IT security specialist Avira about the criteria they use when choosing their virus protection. International responses show that users are particularly trusting of the solutions from established brands. Equally important, according to the respondents, are the detection rates of malware.

The results of the survey showed that for 34 percent (3,207 respondents) a long-established, trustworthy brand was key. Almost as many users, 33 percent (3,077 respondents), based their decision on the virus detection rates achieved in independent tests.

The survey also reveals that 16 percent of users rely on the advice of friends and acquaintances when choosing their virus protection system. In contrast with the majority of respondents, who choose virus protection on the basis of the familiarity of the brand or detection rates, six percent (586 respondents) focus on additional features. In their opinion, as well as offering basic protection, anti-virus software should also have additional functions such as online backup, firewall and other related features.

In the context of the current threat from the Internet, consumers demonstrate a high level of security awareness: Only six percent of those surveyed (532 users) stated that they had no virus protection.

A small minority of just five percent consider external features when choosing protection software, preferring anti-virus software that has a transparent, intuitive interface.

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