Endpoint security from Check Point

Check Point announced Check Point Endpoint Security R72, a new version of their single agent for endpoint security. New Check Point WebCheck browser security protects enterprise PCs against the rising number of Web-based threats while OneCheck single authentication which unlocks all endpoint security subsystems and VPN Auto-Connect simplify usability.

WebCheck provides a dual browser mode that segregates corporate data from the Internet, allowing end-users the freedom to surf the Web with full protection against automatically downloaded malware, known as drive-by downloads, and phishing attempts while keeping it separated and isolated from the corporate and other highly secured Web sites.

To further simplify the end-user experience, Check Point Endpoint Security R72 adds OneCheck authentication and VPN Auto-Connect for enhanced remote access. OneCheck automatically unlocks all endpoint security subsystems, including Windows login, disk encryption, media encryption and VPN, with a single, easy login. VPN Auto-Connect ensures uninterrupted connectivity for end-users as they move between LAN and wireless connections. It connects automatically following a successful OneCheck authentication and seamlessly determines the correct configuration for remote access to the corporate network, reducing IT help desk requests. The result for the user is automatic VPN connectivity without the need to further connect or authenticate.

Features and benefits of Check Point Endpoint Security R72 include:

  • Comprehensive endpoint protection: Integrated firewall, NAC, program control, remote access, antivirus, anti-spyware, full disk encryption and media encryption with port protection
  • Patent-pending Check Point WebCheck delivers a dual browser mode to segregate corporate data from the Internet and an additional security layer with unique browser virtualization, heuristic and signature-based anti-phishing, and malware site detection
  • OneCheck authentication unlocks all endpoint security subsystems including Windows, disk encryption, VPN and other subsystems
  • VPN Auto-Connect provides end-users convenient remote access and uninterrupted connectivity
  • Centralized management and logging simplify administration of endpoint security policy.

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