Sourcefire and Qualys deliver real-time risk analysis

Sourcefire and Qualys announced that Sourcefire has become a Qualys Solution Partner and the companies have integrated the Sourcefire 3D System with QualysGuard.

The combination of Sourcefire and Qualys enables organizations to reduce the number of actionable network threats by leveraging Sourcefire Defense Center to correlate threats detected by Sourcefire’s intrusion prevention system (IPS) against host vulnerabilities identified by QualysGuard.

With Sourcefire and Qualys working in tandem, the number of actionable network threats detected by the Sourcefire IPS can be vastly reduced, leading to increased security and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Through our innovative partnership with Sourcefire, customers are able to gain increased insight into the relevancy of attacks, so that they can focus on those threats that matter most,” said Wolfgang Kandek, Chief Technology Officer at Qualys.

This integration provides customers with the ability to import QualysGuard scan data into the Sourcefire RNA (Real-time Network Awareness) host database, combining real-time network discovery information with active vulnerability scan data. This enables users to quickly determine if a host is actually vulnerable to a given exploit, saving valuable analysis time.

“Organizations waste a lot of time addressing threats that actually have no impact to their networks,” said Martin Roesch, Founder and CTO at Sourcefire. “By combining RNA’s real-time network intelligence with Qualys’ active scan data, the Sourcefire 3D System can now reduce the number of actionable alerts and allows the customer to focus on the ones that actually impact their environment.”

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