CardSpace Geneva Beta 2 samples package

“Geneva” is a Microsoft next generation identity and access management platform built on Active Directory directory services. It is an open platform that provides simplified access and single sign-on for on-premises and cloud-based applications in the enterprise, across organizations, and on the Web.

With the release of CardSpace Geneva Beta 2 comes a set of samples specifically targeted towards CardSpace developers.

The samples pack covers three broad areas:

  • A series of incremental web page samples showing how to invoke CardSpace, culminating in a sample that shows error handling and progress spinners for long-running operations like policy and token retrieval.
  • A sample that shows using Geneva Framework’s WSFederationAuthenticationModule to protect a web site with CardSpace credentials.
  • A sample for VC++ programmers that demonstrates CardSpace’s API for native programs. If you have wanted to include the CardTile in your own program or browser extension, this is for you.

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