Viruses up 300%: More threats coming from India and Brazil

The number of viruses sent over email has increased by 300 per cent in the last three months, according to Network Box.

Analysis of Internet threats in July 2009 shows the number of viruses is at its highest so far this year, peaking at around 12 viruses per customer per hour.

An increasing number of these viruses (5.2%) are originating from India, which is the fourth largest source of Internet threats behind the US (16.59%), Brazil (14.11%) and Korea (6.2%). This is notable as it is the first time that such a significant proportion of the world’s Internet threats have originated from India.

Although the percentage of threats coming from the US is still high at 16.59%, it has reduced from 21 per cent in June. The US has also reduced its proportion of spam slightly from 11.2% to 10.2%. Brazil has overtaken the US as the single biggest source of the world’s spam, now producing more than 12.6%.

Phishing attacks have also significantly increased from last month, now making up more than 36 (36.52) per cent of all viruses, against around five per cent last month.

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