Twitter security move positive but is it it enough?

Twitter has quietly started checking URLs entered into user messages on its microblogging service. The new level of security might still leave room for improvement on several fronts.

“Twitter encourages the use of shortened URLs, which could be a problem if, as some reports indicate, the Twitter URL check would only work on full-length Web addresses,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Finjan’s CTO.

“Furthermore, the Twitter URL-check utilizes databases that need constant updates. This leaves a window-of-opportunity for cybercriminals to infect Twitter users’ PCs,” he added. “During the time elapsing between database updates, no adequate protection will be provided.”

Ben-Itzhak applauds Twitter’s ongoing effort to keep its users safe, and suggests boosting the overall security of Twitter with the use of real-time content inspection technologies.

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