Agent-less remote administration of Windows machines

PJ Technologies announced the release of WMIX v2 (Windows Management Instrumentation eXplorer). WMIX is a GUI based implementation of WMI technology which performs agent-less remote administration of Windows machines with no scripting or programming necessary.

Amongst the major updates in version 2 are:

  • Automatic generation of WMI script. WMIX has a built-in script generator which allows you to automatically generate a Visual Basic script for any reporting, modifying or executing action you initiate using the graphical user interface. The scripts generated by WMIX are automatically configured so that they can be run against the local machine, a remote machine or a group of machines
  • Use of the WQL wizard to create sophisticated WMI queries. WMI has its own query language called WQL. It allows you to specify query filters in order to return only the information you want from machines which comply with the query criteria. WMIX includes a WMI Query Wizard that will guide you through the process of selecting a WMI class, defining the properties to report and designing the query filters.

WMIX v2 is priced at $89 per user license.

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