Web 2.0 identity verification solution

ReallyWho brings the public records identity verification technology used by financial institutions to social media websites.

“We are protecting Web 2.0 identities with the same proven technology that has been used for years by the financial industry. People have invested thousands of hours blogging, messaging and Tweeting to develop online personas and reputations that are increasingly important to protect,” said Bob Butler, CEO.

The ReallyWho technology uses information generated from public and commercial records to formulate questions that can only be affirmed by the person being verified. ReallyWho does not see or save any of these records, and the questions and answers are discarded after verification is complete.

ReallyWho delivers identity verification in two ways:

1. In-Place Verification stamps a verified checkmark on a person’s profile picture on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and provides a ReallyWho link to confirm the person’s identity.

2. Identity Verified Gateway allows people with verified profiles on ReallyWho to display links to any website they control. Using an identity gateway is a big time saver over searching multiple websites and profiles of people often having the same or similar names.

There is no cost to find people on ReallyWho and confirm their identities. ReallyWho charges $5 per year (with a money-back guarantee) to maintain a personal identity verified profile with links back to verified websites.

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