Cloud and server-based 2-factor authentication via software or SMS tokens

CryptoCard announced CryptoCard ICE, that either as a server-based solution (BlackShield ICE) or as a cloud-based service (Crypto-Mas ICE) reduces the risks that remote working during a business disruption brings, by adopting on-demand ICE two-factor authentication, rather than static passwords which could leave the network open to attackers or ID thieves.

The solution allows businesses to secure the log-in process for staff on those occasions when they cannot get into the office and have to work remotely.

This is done by having a pool of “frozen” software or SMS two-factor authentication tokens that can be issued to users within minutes. In the event of a business disruption, all that is required is to “defrost” the ICE tokens and access to the corporate network will be secured.

CryptoCard ce will be available through the company’s existing partner network and is a flexible solution. It can be used in conjunction with an end-user’s existing CryptoCard BlackShield server-based software or Crypto-Mas cloud-based service and is compatible with other two-factor authentication solutions.

However, it is not essential for the client to have an existing 2FA solution. It can also stand alongside traditional user names and passwords and ensure protection in the event of any threat to business continuity. Similarly, users do not have to commit to any pre-requisite number of active tokens and the “ICE pool” of back-up tokens can be for any number of pre-determined users.

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