Development kit for adding biometrics to applications

DigitalPersona announced One Touch I.D. Software Development Kit, along with a new best practices guide for adding biometrics to applications. This software package helps developers incorporate fingerprint identification for “touch-and-go” authentication into a wide range of commercial applications.

The kit is designed for use in commercial applications and can handle thousands of people, and:

  • Enables identification of users in less than a second
  • Eliminates “double-dipping” fraud in real-time during enrollment or as an off-hours database scan, (by identifying people trying to hide behind multiple identities to inappropriately gain access)
  • Does away with the need to remember usernames, ID numbers, PINs or swipe cards
  • Provides a .NET programming interface for easier application development.

It runs on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and is fully compatible with DigitalPersona’s free One Touch for Windows SDK. Its regular price is $600.

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