New version of WiKID authentication server

WiKID Systems announced version 3.4 of the WiKID Strong Authentication Server in Enterprise and Community Editions. New features include built-in support for the SAML Single Sign-On Service for Google Apps, a new self-registration process for Active Directory users and extended vendor-specific RADIUS attributes. Additionally, an iPhone token client, a VMware version of the Community Edition Server and a new OpenID service have been released.

The system is a dual-source two-factor authentication system that combines asymmetric encryption with Blackberry smart phones, J2ME devices, Windows Mobile devices – and now iPhones and iPod Touches – as well as Windows, Linux and Apple OSX computers.

Pricing for the Enterprise version starts at $240 per year for 10 users. The Community version has had over 35,000 downloads from SourceForge, and the iPhone Software Token is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

WiKID has added support for SAML Single Sign-On Service for Google Apps, allowing users of the Enterprise Google Apps for your Domain to log in using one-time passcodes. WiKID has now also an easier mechanism to add new users based on Active Directory credentials and vendor-specific RADIUS attributes, allowing users to be grouped as webvpn users for Cisco SSL VPNs, for example.


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