Innovation in secure authentication: Dynamic passwords from printed patterns

PassWindow is an online authentication method. By holding a printed unique key pattern on a transparent plastic card over a screen challenge image, any number of unique visual dynamic password combinations can be created each time authentication is required. The screen pattern segments are manipulated behind the unique known card pattern to create new unique numbers from the user’s static card pattern.

PassWindows features:

  • Flexible dynamic passwords, secure against keylogger and dictionary attacks
  • No password memorization needed by user
  • Usable on ubiquitous internet connected displays, PC, laptop, mobiles. No remote hardware or specialized software required
  • Scalable password strength on the fly by modifying screen pattern complexity and basic user method without needing to reissue user key patterns
  • Resistant to social engineering attacks. The visual aspect to the key pattern makes it difficult or impossible for users to compromise the key pattern to an attacker online or over a telephone in comparison to token pin numbers, printed and memorized passwords
  • Phishing deterrent, allows secure email communication with your customers by including a PassWindow pattern image which will authenticate the email message specifically to that customer
  • Able to embed specific transaction types and values into challenge images alerting users to a man-in-the-middle attack
  • Works alongside existing ID card technology without interference
  • Limited viewable angle of code protects against third party visual observation
  • A tinted or transreflective optical coating over the pattern obscures discrete third party photography of the key pattern
  • Extremely durable, no flexing problems with internal electronics, waterproof, pressure proof
  • Unlimited working life, lifespan is not limited to battery life.

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