Secure business transactions using BlackBerry devices

Certgate in cooperation with the informatics centre of the (mutual) savings bank organization SIZ extended secure mobile business transactions to BlackBerry devices. certgate SmartCard microSD with its built-in cryptographic chip enables Distributed Electronic Signature (DES) with EBICS through a secure SSL connection. As a result, more decision makers frequently traveling for business can now authorize urgent financial transactions in a secure fashion away from their desks.

Technical details:

The personal key needed for a secure electronic signature is stored on certgate SmartCard microSD. The EBICS remote server connection is SSL-encrypted. Users download all orders ready for signing through a secure connection with their mobile devices. They then select a transaction to be signed, create a valid electronic signature and return the encrypted document. The bank’s EBICS server indicates to the authorized user the number of required signatures and how many have been given.

EBICS and electronic signature:

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is a standard in German banking business supporting internet-based communication for electronic banking. EBICS transactions provide the basis for transfer of encrypted orders to the bank-specific target system. Transferred data must be signed by one or more authorized individuals according to a pre-defined signature category. certgate SmartCard microSD PKI is suited for use as a signature card with EBICS and meets the high standards of the German Signature Law (SigG).

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