Tenable launches hardware and virtual appliance

Tenable Network Security unveiled the Tenable Appliance to expand the deployment options for its security and compliance management software and Nessus vulnerability scanner.

The Tenable Appliance is a browser-managed application that hosts various Tenable enterprise applications including Nessus, Security Center (SC), Log Correlation Engine (LCE) and Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS). The Tenable Appliance is available as either a virtual machine (VM) download or as a physical hardware appliance.

The Tenable appliance provides a preinstalled image of all Tenable applications in one interface. The Tenable Virtual Appliance is available for Tenable customers and is provided for use with VMware Server, VMware Player and VMware ESX Server.

Tenable Appliance operations encompass simple high-level tasks such as backup and restore, software updates, shutdown/restart, updates, support functions and log analysis. Since the Tenable Appliance is primarily web-based, no command-line expertise is necessary.

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