DDoS monitoring service from VeriSign

VeriSign launched the VeriSign Internet Defense Network, a network and hardware agnostic DDoS monitoring, mitigation and attribution service that detects and filters malicious traffic away from enterprise Web sites, helping maintain critical online applications and services.

The service uses a proprietary filtering technology to stop a DDoS attack in the cloud before it reaches a customer’s network. In addition, the service requires no hardware installation, making it more cost effective than premise-based solutions.

Enterprises can use the DDoS monitoring-only service to enable identification of unusual site traffic patterns that may represent an oncoming attack – with easy cross-over to mitigation service if needed. Early identification of a potential DDoS attack is a critical aspect of successfully mitigating its impact.

If an attack occurs, clients are notified immediately by a technician who will seek input from the clients to determine if there is a legitimate cause for the increased traffic based on customer activity. VeriSign then provides clients with a recommended course of action. In the case of a verified DDoS attack, the service can filter the client’s Web traffic, blocking virtually all malicious traffic while enabling legitimate traffic to reach its intended destination. VeriSign sites are massively scaled to ensure businesses have protection against even the largest DDoS attacks. Customers can see all this happen through a real-time portal.

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