New version of V.i. Labs piracy detection solution

CodeArmor Intelligence 2.0 enables users to remotely trigger an appropriate response when software is being used illegally. It also offers enhanced reporting capabilities that capture additional evidence that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can use to pursue claims against illegal use of their software products.

Once illegal activity is detected, CodeArmor Intelligence now provides a dynamic notification capability that allows ISVs to respond to illegal use and alter the behavior of the unlicensed application. The notification can be focused through granular rules configured on the gateway server to only target specific machines, organizations or even geographic regions.

Vendors can implement custom responses around the CodeArmor Intelligence notification capabilities to display warnings, reduce functionality, or even revoke access.

Other enhancements include configuration of local encrypted log files, which allows infringement data to be logged locally when the computer is not connected to the Internet. This is especially useful during support call scenarios and license compliance audits where the vendor may be on-site. Also included are improved data integration capabilities with internal CRM and reporting systems, and a new user interface that allows companies to easily configure CodeArmor Intelligence with their applications. Reporting can also be disabled based on country or region, providing a deeper layer of granularity so ISVs can customize their information based upon the countries they are investigating or monitoring.

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