PCI bundle for application security and compliance

WhiteHat Security announced the WhiteHat Sentinel PCI bundle. Combining WhiteHat Sentinel vulnerability management solutions, customized reporting and website security training, the offering delivers all the components necessary for achieving and maintaining application security compliance as specified in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) sections 6 and 11.

The bundle includes the following:

  • WhiteHat Sentinel Premium Edition or Standard Edition — They provide ongoing, verified vulnerability assessments for both internal and public websites. In addition, Sentinel PE satisfies requirement 11.3.2 which mandates application-layer penetration testing
  • Customized PCI Reporting — The Sentinel PCI report delivers both an overview and an in-depth look into the PCI compliance of each website under management. For each vulnerability class, the report details how the vulnerability is exploited, gives protection advice and lists links to reference information. Open vulnerabilities of each class on the customer’s website are also listed
  • “Introduction to Web Application Security” training — Provides an overview of the fundamental principles of website security and meets PCI DSS requirement 6.5b which covers developer training on secure coding techniques. All participants will receive a certificate confirming course completion.

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