Oracle releases version 9 of Application Testing Suite

Oracle announced version 9 of the Oracle Application Testing Suite, an integrated solution for load testing, functional testing and test management, enabling customers to thoroughly test applications and their underlying infrastructure and helps ensure quality, scalability and availability prior to deployment.

To address these needs, this version delivers:

New Oracle E-Business Suite Accelerators offer support for automated functional testing and load testing of the Oracle E-Business Suite applications and supports both Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 11i10 and 12. Users can now create test scripts that automate both Web and Oracle Forms based application interfaces.

Leveraging OpenScript’s graphical scripting interface, users can record automated test scripts by simply stepping through their Oracle E-Business Suite business transactions in the browser. Users can then leverage the same interface to run their scripts, parameterize script inputs, add custom test cases to validate content and extend scripts programmatically in Java. This enables Oracle E-Business Suite customers to reduce the amount of manual testing required to validate new application deployments or upgrades. The same interface can also be used to create automated load test scripts that can be run with thousands of concurrent virtual users in Oracle Load Testing to validate Oracle E-Business Suite application performance.

New OpenScript Java-Based Scripting Platform: a integrated scripting platform for creating automated functional test and load test scripts. A component of Oracle Functional Testing, the platform offers flexibility for enterprises by combining a graphical scripting interface with an Eclipse-based Java IDE to support the needs of quality assurance professionals and less-experienced testers.

Whether users are testing Oracle applications, custom Web applications or SOA-based Web Services, they can leverage a single, integrated and standards-based solution to create both automated functional and load test scripts

Enhanced Siebel CRM Accelerators: Siebel CRM applications already benefit from Application Testing Suite accelerators that offer comparable benefits to the Oracle E-Business Suite Accelerators. In this release, the accelerators have been enhanced to take advantage of the new OpenScript platform.

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