Real-time traffic intelligence and security of large IP networks

Narus announced a new release of NarusInsight, its real-time traffic intelligence system. This latest version introduces customizable monitoring capabilities, powerful analytics and increased system performance.

Four areas of significant enhancements have been added to NarusInsight:

  • The ability to detect, locate and control a wide range of services on a network. Network operators can maximize the utilization of their networks by detecting and managing unwanted traffic or other unauthorized servers or services running on a network
  • The ability to detect and analyze application-layer traffic and generate alerts according to network operator-defined rules. For example, application tunneling that would otherwise circumvent port-based firewall rules can be detected, allowing the operator or service provider to take appropriate action
  • The ability to selectively capture traffic based on the existence of keywords or other patterns of bytes. This capability aids network operators and law enforcement agencies in investigating criminal activity and fighting terrorism
  • The capability to monitor and analyze the ever-growing volume of traffic on carrier and government networks. Multiple petabytes of traffic can be processed, correlated and analyzed in a single system in real-time.

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