Multi-band mobile antennas with integrated GPS receiver

PCTEL unveiled two new multi-band mobile antennas with integrated GPS receiver technology. The new models, based on PCTEL’s Medallion and Sharkfin multi-band antenna platforms, have been enhanced with a high sensitivity 16-channel receiver that provides immediate and accurate GPS position reporting in a single low profile housing and without the need for additional equipment.

Featuring PCTEL’s successful wideband technology, these two models eliminate the need to install separate antennas in a single vehicle in order to achieve wireless data communications and GPS location capability. Both models provide instant “plug and play” GPS tracking with a digital interface, eliminating the need for GPS receiver integration in voice and data radios. Police departments nationwide could save millions of dollars by implementing GPS tracking of their vehicles and voice and data communications with a single antenna rather than two antennas and a separate GPS receiver.

Both the Medallion PCTMDL-RCVR and the Sharkfin GPSQB-RCVR models utilize attractive, low profile radomes designed to withstand severe environmental conditions for trouble-free operation in mass transit, asset tracking, military and defense, public safety, field measurement and wireless network optimization applications.

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