Department of Homeland Security in search of 1,000 cyber security experts

Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security will be starting filling up a lot of empty positions very soon. Janet Napolitano, the Department’s Secretary, made it public that they will be needing more that 1,000 cyber analysts, developers and engineers and that they will try to recruit them over the next three years.

According to the Washington Post, there is a problem in this whole scenario – and that’s the fact that this Thursday another big national project has been inaugurated.

The US Cyber Command (ran by the NSA) is designed to supervise the protection of military networks, as well as helping out with the civilian government ones. Nothing wrong with that, except they have been aggressively headhunting every cyber security expert they could find, thus severely diminishing the size of the pool of potential candidates for the DHS jobs.

Since it’s a good bet that either agency will not be looking into hiring foreign nationals, the hiring pool becomes a puddle.

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