Unlimited storage online backup service from McAfee

McAfee Online Backup is a new secure online service for consumers that stores and encrypts digital assets.

It is a completely automated service that offers unlimited storage — consumers do not need to remember when to back up files or decide which files are important to backup and which are not. A secure server online ensures all of their precious files remain safe in the event something happens to their computer.

McAfee Online Backup is powered by Mozy and works with McAfee’s consumer security suites including McAfee VirusScan Plus, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection as well as security products from other vendors.

U.S. consumers can try McAfee Online Backup today through a free 30-day unlimited upload trial, or purchase an annual subscription for $59.99.

The service is expected to become available in the following countries in Q4 2009: Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Korea.

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