VeriSign’s strong authentication now available on new devices

VeriSign’s latest release of VIP Access for Mobile is now available for Apple iPod touch, additional BlackBerry smartphones, and devices running the Windows Mobile operating system. The application already supports Apple iPhone, BlackBerry smartphones and mobile devices from Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo, Pantech and more.

VIP Access for Mobile is a free mobile application that now transforms more than 200 different mobile devices into VIP authentication credentials. VIP Authentication Service – also known as strong or two-factor authentication – offers an additional layer of protection to anyone who needs highly secure remote access to an organization’s network. Two-factor authentication works by requiring each user to provide not just a username and password but also a unique one-time six-digit security code generated by a user’s VIP authentication credential.

The latest release of the easy-to-install VIP Access for Mobile application features an enhanced download and activation process – with no text messaging required – making it easier than ever to quickly enjoy the protection of VIP authentication globally on VIP-enabled Web sites. Additionally, support for simple copy/paste of a security code and credential ID into a mobile browser or application enhances the user experience.

When online businesses protect their sites and users with VIP authentication, they become members of the unique VIP Network, which allows users to use a single security credential to authenticate themselves across any VIP-enabled Web site. With the cloud-based VIP service, enterprises and online businesses lower their total cost of ownership, speed deployment of two-factor authentication, and improve ease of use for IT administrators and end users.

Here’s a video that shows how VIP Access works:

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