Proofpoint enhances its email security and DLP platform

Proofpoint introduced version 6 of Proofpoint, its SaaS and appliance email security and data loss prevention platform.

The platform delivers integrated data loss prevention and email encryption features powered by the Proofpoint Encryption module and Proofpoint Hosted Key Service. Proofpoint’s policy-based email encryption solution can be deployed as part of the Proofpoint on Demand SaaS offering or on-premises with Proofpoint’s appliance, virtual appliance and software versions.

Email encryption policies are managed and enforced on an enterprise level from a single location, using Proofpoint’s administrative GUI. Once defined, enterprise encryption policies are applied automatically at the gateway, eliminating the risk of user error. Message encryption policies can be extremely granular and encryption can be triggered by any combination of structured data matches, unstructured data matches, keywords or message origin or destination.

Proofpoint 6 also enhances security for messages held in quarantine. When messages are quarantined for further review, the sensitivity of different policy violations may require that only specific administrators, compliance officers or other business users be allowed to review certain types of content. New folder-level access control features allow more granular control over which users can see, review, comment upon and track outbound policy violations.

The platform adds DKIM signing of outgoing messages to help defend against email address spoofing (i.e., forged email headers, as commonly used in phishing attacks). As in previous versions, it also supports the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) sender authentication standard.

New domain-based administration features make it easy for organizations that manage a large number of domains to configure and enforce messaging policies based on a user’s domain. Domain groups can be created either manually or automatically and unique policies can be applied to messages that come to, or originate from, those specific domains.

Pricing for the Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Privacy bundle (including Proofpoint Encryption) is less than $17 per user, per year for organizations with 5000 to 10,000 inboxes.

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