Open source distributed database system MckoiDDB 1.0 released

Mckoi Software released MckoiDDB 1.0, a database management application that provides software developers an engine for organizing large and complex data-sets over clusters of servers, and an API that supports transactions and low latency queries.

Main features include:

  • Dynamic scalability – Servers can be added or removed from the network while the system is running with zero downtime. MckoiDDB makes use of new resources as they become available.
  • Transactions – MckoiDDB implements a transaction model that supports the ACID database properties (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability).
  • High availability and replication – All data stored in a MckoiDDB system is automatically replicated over multiple servers, providing load balancing and fault tolerance in the event of a server failure.
  • Complete toolbox – MckoiDDB supports a wide range of tools for managing a data-set including snapshots, sharding, versioning and forking data.
  • Data model add-on capabilities – Support for high-level data models (such as SQL) are provided through add-on libraries.

MckoiDDB is written in Java and released under the GPLv3 License and under commercial license by request.

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