Axis’ data masking solution

Axis Technology announced the release of version 3 of DMsuite, their data masking platform designed especially for off-shore outsourcing information security needs.

DMsuite offers “on-the-fly” masking and supports Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, and DB2 environments. With new federal laws that are set to go into effect in early 2010, it is critical for companies, especially organizations within the financial services, education, healthcare and life sciences sectors to protect and secure customer information and patient records.

DMsuite secures development and quality assurance environments by removing confidential data and replacing it with usable, fictitious data. One of the new features version 3 is that all masking transformation is executed in memory, therefore production data does not appear anywhere in a non-production environment.

Additionally, an administrator can implement role-based access for each user to profile, mask, audit, review PDF reports, provision and subset data. Also, users can create new data masking algorithms.

In addition to the above environments, the suite protects file formats such as VSAM, delimited, XML, XLS and flat files. It also does not require any additional hardware – it is Web-based and its central point of control enables easy operation, administration, logging and auditing- all while maintaining referential integrity across business lines and different platforms.

Reports are generated on the fly, detailing information such as the date of the last database refresh, masking, and certification operation. DMsuite also provides status alerts via email and allows team members to efficiently share masking rule sets.

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