New generation of Iomega’s double-drive desktop NAS appliance

Iomega announced the new Iomega StorCenter ix2-200, the next generation of its double-drive desktop NAS appliance.

Available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities, the appliance utilizes a very simple four-step setup to be operational in a matter of minutes. It provides robust data management and protection for the serious business user, as well as the latest in multimedia serving and remote access features.

The appliance utilizes the EMC LifeLine software, a fully-developed Linux operating environment and suite of applications that is designed for cross-platform support with Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Key features:

  • Device-to-Device Replication (copy jobs): Copy or backup files to and from the ix2-200 to any other NAS or USB-attached storage device without the need for a client computer. Jobs can be set to run at pre-determined schedule or at the touch of the ix2-200’s new QuikTransfer button
  • iSCSI Support: Provides block-level access for the most efficient storage utilization, especially for database, email and backup application performance
  • VMware Ready Certification: The ix2-200 is certified as both NAS (NFS) and iSCSI storage for VMware ESX Server 3.5 and 4.0 vSphere
  • Remote Access: Set up remote access and remotely manage and access pictures, videos, work files and other digital data
  • RAID Support: RAID 1 with automatic RAID rebuild for data redundancy and protection. Single volume (JBOD) mode also available
  • Multiple Network Protocols: Works in Windows, Linux and Mac environments with network protocol support including CIFS/SMB/Rally, NFS, and AFP/Bonjour. The ix2-200 also supports protocols such as HTTP, FTP and SNMP
  • Time Machine Support: Lets Apple users easily backup to the ix2-200 with Mac computers running OS X (10.5 or later) using Time Machine
  • Windows Active Directory Support: Allows the ix2-200 to function as a client member in an Active Directory domain, giving users and groups access to the it
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Support: Enables unattended system shutdown without data loss in the case of power failure
  • Video Surveillance: Connect up to five Axis Network video cameras for real-time monitoring and video capture, without the need of a dedicated computer (dependent upon system workload and network conditions). The ix2-200 can be used as a storage target for other network surveillance cameras as well.

The ix2-200 provides data backup and protection for any number of desktops and laptops with integrated EMC Retrospect Express backup software. During the set-up process, users choose files and folders for scheduled automatic backups. After that, any changes or additions are updated and saved automatically.

For data security, the ix2-200 also includes RSA BSAFE encryption security technology for protecting installs and upgrades from viruses or malware.

The appliance is available in the Americas and Europe for $269.99, the 2TB model is available for $369.99, and the 4TB model, which will be available later this month, is $699.99.

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