Sun’s new versions of Role Manager and Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Sun Microsystems announced new versions of Sun Role Manager software and Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition. Customers will benefit from increased business transparency and compliance, simplified access controls, as well as better performance and scalability.

New features in version 5 of Sun Role Manager enable organizations to move beyond answering the question of “who has access to what?” to “what did users do with their access?” by offering a 360-degree view of assigned user access to data and applications. IT and business managers will be able to more intelligently govern the definition, assignment and enforcement of access within their organizations. Sun Role Manager software is an integrated role-based provisioning and auditing solution that use business roles, such as job function and title, to assign, attest, audit, and enforce access across the enterprise.

Sun has also added key enhancements to it, including closed-loop remediation and rule lifecycle management. The software also allows organizations to test “what-if” scenarios to determine the impact changes to rules will have on the access assignment process before they are implemented, and provides users with a Web-service interface for remote execution of both rule assignment and separation-of-duty (SOD) rules.

The latest version of Directory Server Enterprise has been optimized to improve performance by more than three times when compared to its predecessor. In addition, this release provides innovations that improve authentication and modification performance by 60 percent, allowing customers to accelerate their applications without changing one line of code.

Sun offers a complete identity management portfolio that provides open access, open source and open standards. Sun supports major protocols, including SAML, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, WS-Security, WS-Policy, Liberty ID-FF and WS-I BSP.

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