Qsan’s 10GbE iSCSI storage solutions for cloud computing

This October, Qsan will present the latest redundant 10GbE iSCSI storage solutions – 3160TG and EP-3164D-GAS3 which are integrated with Qsan’s P500H 10GbE iSCSI -SAS/SATA II redundant controllers.

P500H IOPS is up to 210K and the throughput is up to 1200MB/s. At drive-side, P500H supports both SAS and SATA II interfaces. With the green feature of disk auto spindown and advanced cooling, the whole system including P500H and expansion JBOD enclosures can achieve high power efficiency and save the overall drive power cost. By the characteristics of high availability, scalability, sustainability, and high IOPS, the 10GbE iSCSI redundant controller can be applied to SQL/Exchange storage, efficient file backup, virtualization environment, cloud storage, and high end verticals.

P500H key features:

  • Dual-active configuration
  • Cache mirroring through high bandwidth channels
  • Hardware iSCSI offload
  • Flexible RAID group (RG) ownership management
  • Management port take-over
  • Online FW upgrade, hot pluggable controller module for no system down time
  • Up to 32 multiple target iSCSI nodes
  • High availability, load balancing, fail-over
  • Host access control, jumbo frame, iSCSI header/data digest
  • Up to 128 sessions support
  • RAID 6, 60, N-way mirror, on-line volume migration, on-line roaming
  • Hot pluggable battery backup module.

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