Neverfail 6 protects critical applications against downtime

Integrating local high availability and remote disaster recovery, Neverfail 6.0 protects mission-critical applications across any combination of physical, virtual and cloud-based servers. The latest version adds new modules that integrate tertiary deployment and support maximum performance across wide area networks (WANs).

Neverfail 6.0 includes the following components and modules:

Neverfail Tertiary enables a trio of servers to be configured to ensure that localized failures, such as application issues, as well as site-wide issues, such as floods, hurricanes or power outages, will not bring the business down. Should either the secondary or tertiary server be called into use, Neverfail automatically manages the operation transparently across the three servers, ensuring all failure scenarios are guarded against and continuous user access is maintained.

Neverfail WANSmart ensures performance over the WAN while minimizing the bandwidth requirements and impact on other WAN users. Using data de-duplication techniques that eliminate the need to implement hardware-based WAN acceleration devices, WANSmart reduces the amount of data that is physically replicated across the network. As much as 30 times reduction in bandwidth can be achieved, avoiding network upgrades and leaving more capacity for other users.

Unified availability management console provides an intuitive interface that enables real time control of local and remote application availability deployments. As well as managing WANSmart and Tertiary options together with pre-configured policies and rules, the console enables point-and click configuration of extended rules to protect packaged and bespoke applications.

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