Google Wave security features

Like the overwhelming majority of Google’s “products”, Google Wave (a real-time communication and collaboration tool) seems to be a really handy and easy-to-use. Having said that, let us concentrate a moment on its security aspects.

IT News reports that Greg D’Alesandre, the product manager of technology, explained that Wave has two features that make your “conversations” secure.

The first one makes sure that the information that travels from server to server can’t be intercepted in the middle and “faked”, because it comes integrated with authentication information that identifies the sending account.

The second one is the complete encryption of traffic via HTTPS in order to avoid packet sniffing. Users are not even given the option not to use it! Google has decided that in this instance security is more important than speed, and security experts around the world are probably applauding this decision and hoping that this is the beginning of a new way of thinking.

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