Multifunction security appliances against network, application and data threats

WatchGuard Technologies launched a series of new multifunction security appliances – the WatchGuard XTM 8 Series.

Built for speed, it delivers 5Gbps firewall throughput, making it ideal for demanding networks of 1,000 to 5,000 users. With full security features activated, the XTM 8 Series achieves a 1.2Gbps throughput.

WatchGuard’s “defense-in-depth” firewall technology, which includes stateful packet inspection, deep packet inspection and WatchGuard’s proprietary proxy technology, and its built in application proxies, stops natively a myriad of blended threats, fragmented and malformed packet attacks, spyware, malware, denial of service and many other types of threats and attacks.

The series takes advantage of the latest WatchGuard operating system, Fireware XTM, which defends networks by utilizing innovative security features, including full HTTPS inspection, VoIP security, and IM and P2P application blocking. With the OS, the WatchGuard XTM 8 Series integrates networking capabilities such as clustering, load-balancing and other enterprise-class networking features. Additionally, it provides role-based access control (RBAC), centralized multi-box management and enhanced reporting functions.

The series offers protection against threats that attempt to hide in encrypted HTTPS data streams. By way of it’s HTTPS proxy technology that intercepts, scans and rebuilds HTTPS data streams, administrators can accurately audit, report and protect users from receiving dangerous file types.

The series also provides application-level security for SIP and H.323 protocols. These security capabilities conceal business VoIP systems and simultaneously harden them to repel directory harvesting attacks, input validation hacks (buffer overflows), and other VoIP threats. It also offers application inspection as well as port and protocol identification to ensure application traffic is valid and safe. The WatchGuard HTTPS inspection works in tandem with IM and P2P application blocking, which foils even those bots that use encryption to evade detection.

Pricing for the WatchGuard XTM 810 is $10,215; the XTM 820 is $12,595; and the XTM 830 is $15,395.


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