Qualys integrates TippingPoint IPS with QualysGuard

TippingPoint and Qualys announced a partnership that will see the TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System integrated with Qualys’ QualysGuard Vulnerability Management solution, allowing organizations to simulate the results of IPS configuration changes against indentified vulnerabilities and make the needed changes. The resulting mitigation reports show IT administrators how to remediate these vulnerabilities, which gives them more time to test and deploy patches in a structured manner.

A recent report issued by the SANS Institute found that organizations are extraordinarily vulnerable to attacks at the application level – this includes attacks targeted at customized Web applications or from unpatched user-side applications like PDF readers.

QualysGuard Vulnerability Management actively monitors the network access points on an organization’s networks to determine where it is vulnerable. The TippingPoint IPS provides active vulnerability protection through its Digital Vaccine service. Customers of both companies will – in a matter of seconds – get a combined view of their vulnerabilities mapped specifically to the Digital Vaccine filters that virtually patch these vulnerabilities, protecting them from being exploited by the latest viruses and worms.

Specifically, the integration, built using the QualysGuard API, will give customers the ability to:

  • Select the QualysGuard Asset Groups that are protected by TippingPoint IPS
  • Generate a differential vulnerability report to demonstrate the benefit of the IPS by showing all the vulnerabilities of the targets and highlighting the vulnerabilities mitigated by it
  • Adjust the TippingPoint filter set for desired protection, thereby extending the time IT administrators have to test and deploy patches in a structured manner.

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